Anamateur is extremely passionate for the thing he does. He lives and breathes for it. He reminds us of a 1990s stand-up comedian, an illuminated preacher and at the same time one of the protagonists of Lars Von Trier's "The Idiots". The most interesting thing, though, is that all of these characteristics are real on him! He represents the man who keeps total faith in his ideals and acts accordingly. An engineer in real life and a pianist in this play, he directs his musicians - turning them into actors for the necessities of the play - as a contractor operating on his building site.
Burlesque aesthetics, cabaret jazz, prose, theatrical mood and intense flirt are the main elements of "One doubt arose in the mind of a noble vigilante". Apparently the ancient drama connects with the story of the play, since love, war (through contemporary means) and the doubt of the protagonist to take the right decision (and reveal his guilty secrets), all constitute the frame of the play. [...] Yes, this jazz musical has something romantically old fashioned, in the sense of 'discovering again from the beginning'.

Yannis Iasonides, writing for elculture.gr, 30-1-2012