Music (selected) credits:

"Petra and Georgios" (2002-'03)

"Anamateur & the Pros" (2006 onwards, feat. Morakis / Loutas / G. Kostopoulos / V. Panagiotopoulos)

Tribute to French jazz (2016)

Presenting Monique (2017 onwards)

Tribute to Fats Waller (2019-'20)

Inviting Marta Hugon (2021)

guest of "On Dixie" (Lála et al.) (2008)

"A boy-meets-girl story" (2010)

"Tamuz & Anamateur" (2012-2013)

Tribute to Cole Porter (2012)

guest at Bellos' project "Old Radio days" (2012-'13)

"Πρωτογενὲς Πλεόνασμα" ("The Primary Surplus") (Bellos/Anamateur) (2013-'14)

"Anamateur & Lieber Panos" (2014-'15)

guest of the "Duende Jazz Orchestra" (2016 onwards)

side musician of "Les enfants de Pigalle" (2016)

"Oikonomidis & Anamateur" (2018 onwards)

"Terry & Anamateur: From Broadway to the big screen" (2018)

Theater credits:

as the 'devilish pianist' in "Histόrias Misόginas" by Cão Solteiro (2002) (Little tales of misogyny)

Cinema credits:

as an extra (zombie) in "I'll see you in my dreams" by Filipe Melo (2004)

as 'Irini's friend' in "Ρισάλτο" by Vassilis Vafeas (2016) (Onslaught)

as the angry client in "Arrows" by Nikos Vittis (2020)

Auteur credits:

as the 'Noble Vigilante' in his "One doubt arose in the mind of a noble vigilante" (feat. Hugon/Franco/Nissim) (2009, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2021)

as himself in his "To Pirulita with love" (feat. Morakis/Trivolis/V. Panagiotopoulos, pres. Monique Kabasele) (2018, 2019)

as the 'Enlightened Tyrant(-ess) love interest in his "A certainty blossomed in the heart of the Enlightened Tyrant(-ess)" (feat. Toubanaki/Vakirtzoglou/Konstantinou) (2019)

as himself in his "Dedicated to Joanna A.P." (2019, 2020)

as himself in his "Ἀνθελλάδα 2021" (2020, 2021) ("AntiGreece 2021")

as himself in his "Ὁ Ἀναματερὸς κι ἡ Παινεμένη Ὑφάντρα" (2022) ("Anamateros & the Praised Weaver")

Discography credits (not including personal albums):

participating with 'Redemption blues for a lovesick warrior' in "Summer Jazz Flirt" (2013) by Jazz & Τζαζ

Event credits:

with the Pros at the garden of shut-down ERT (14-7-2013) (feat. Bellos/G.Kostopoulos)

participation with Kassetas/Toumbanaki in "Blind Music Dates" (2013)

musical commentator in a Vassos Daskalakis tribute by Vassilis Vafeas (2016)

narrator/musical commentator in a Sokratis Kapsaskis tribute by Vassilis Vafeas (2017)

narrator in the presentation of "Delirium", a book by Manthos Giourtzoglou (2019)

participation in "Ελάτε μαζί μας μια βόλτα" (a Nicolas Asimos tribute) (2019)

Beton7 Art Radio show producer within UNESCO World Radio Day activities (2021 & 2022)

Video clip credits:

participation in Terry Vakirtzoglou's "This mountain of mine" (2018)

participation in Giorgos Douros' "Το βασίλειο της πίπας" (2022)

Writer credits:

"Post-Postmodern Seminar of Valuation" (2021)