Theater credits:

as the 'devilish pianist' in "Histόrias Misόginas" by Cão Solteiro (2002) (Little tales of misogyny)

as the 'Noble Vigilante' in his "One doubt arose in the mind of a noble vigilante" (feat. Hugon/Franco/Nissim) (2009, 2012, 2013)

as himself in his "To Pirulita with love" (feat. Morakis/Trivolis/V. Panagiotopoulos, pres. Monique Kabasele) (2018, 2019)

as the 'Enlightened Tyrant(-ess) love interest in his "A certainty blossomed in the heart of the Enlightened Tyrant(-ess)" (feat. Toubanaki/Vakirtzoglou/Konstantinou) (2019)

as himself in his "Dedicated to Joanna A.P." (2020)

Cinema credits:

as an extra (zombie) in "I'll see you in my dreams" by Filipe Melo (2004)

as 'Irini's friend' in "Ρισάλτο" by Vassilis Vafeas (2016) (Onslaught)

co-lyricist (uncredited) in "Shakespeare's Shitstorm" by Lloyd Kaufmann (2019)

as the angry client in "Arrows" by Nikos Vittis (2020)

Music (selected) credits:

"Petra and Georgios" (2002-'03)

"Anamateur and the Pros" (2006 onwards, featuring Morakis/Trivolis since 2012, pres. Monique Kabasele since 2017)

"Tribute to French jazz" (feat. Morakis/Loutas) (2016)

"Tribute to Fats Waller" (2019-'20)

guest of "On Dixie" (Lála et al.) (2008)

"A boy-meets-girl story" (2010)

"Tamuz and Anamateur sing and play Cole Porter" (2012)

"Πρωτογενὲς Πλεόνασμα" ("The Primary Surplus") (Bellos/Anamateur) (2013-'14)

"Anamateur and Lieber Panos" (2014-'15)

guest of the "Duende Jazz Orchestra" (Oikonomidis et al.) (2016 onwards)

side musician of "Les enfants de Pigalle" (2016)

"Terry & Anamateur: From Broadway to the big screen" (2018)

Discography credits:

participating with 'Redemption blues for a lovesick warrior' in "Summer Jazz Flirt" (2013) by Jazz & Τζαζ

"One doubt arose in the mind of a noble vigilante" (2016, auto-edition)

"To Pirulita with love" (2020, auto-edition)

Event credits:

with the Pros at the garden of shut-down ERT (14-7-2013) (feat. Bellos/G.Kostopoulos)

musical commentator in a Vassos Daskalakis tribute by Vassilis Vafeas (2016)

narrator/musical commentator in a Sokratis Kapsaskis tribute by Vassilis Vafeas (2017)

narrator in the presentation of "Delirium", a book by Manthos Giourtzoglou (2019)

Writer credits:

"Post-postmodern Seminar of Valuation" (2020 — under editing)

"Post-postmodern Seminar of Songwriting and Performing" (2021 — under preparation)