Is it still ok for a songwriter to be inspired by a muse and not to give her a proper remuneration (pay her in cash or royalties)?

The variation of the tonalities [is] a concept originating from the very fundamental infinitesimal calculus by Newton and Leibniz!! [...]

Anamateur's longtime vision became a reality yesterday, the 8 June of 2347. The name of the new country: Lusogrecia or Ellinoportogalia.

The best definition for Post-postmodernism comes undoubtedly from the lips of that weirdo called Anamateur.

Comrades! [...] What else was Anamateros than a humble servant of capitalism disguised as a left-wing intellectual?

In-depth study of [his] jazz musicals will hugely help on-going research on how the parameters of Freud's theory change in third world countries (like Greece).

Narcissism can't produce any form of art. Sorry Anamateur, you're not an auteur!