Story (© 2009-2016):

The "Noble Vigilante" is a determined terrorist living and acting in crisis striken "Jazzopia". Among the illustrious figures he "gently" exterminates are Minister of Finance M.Bezzler, Judge E.Legal and Journalist D.C.Mulator. When "Peace" (a beautiful painter whose main oppenent is Professor Nontalent) creates a painting glorifying the "Noble Vigilante", she doesn't realise that she'll be more efficient than the Police of "Jazzopia" itself in setting a trap for the notorious terrorist... You see, it's such an inviting painting...

The songs:

Lessons for aspiring nobili vigilanti (© 2009)

Credo d' une artiste avant-garde autodidacte (Credo of an autodidact avant-garde artist) (© 2012)

One more victim on his list (or hers?) (© 2009)

Breakthrough of a bourgeoise girl (© 2010)

The secret of success of a Peace Conqueror (© 2012)

Warning song for a lovesick friend — and his reply... (© 2009-2012)

The Chagrin of an untamed heart (© 2009)

The Noble Vigilante Theme (© 2009)

Redemption Blues for a lovesick warrior (© 2009)

The Deus-ex-Machina Tap Theme (© 2009)

So... My lover is a warrior! And he is wounded... (© 2009)

Script, music and lyrics by Georgios Anamateros (© 2009-2016).

Quiz: Is it true that corrupt Jazzopia is a metaphor mainly for Greece — both pre-crisis and post-crisis?
(If you answer correctly, as a reward you'll get to see the Vigilante play as experimentally presented in "Beton7" in 2013.)