Note: One doubt arose in the mind of a noble vigilante (I write not in capital letters, because it was written like this in the program and me, the reader, I respect those things) was, accoring to his author, Georgios Anamateros, a musical tale of love, jazz, inspiration and secrets. What attracted us in the lair was the nice voice of Marta Hugon. Mário Franco on bass and Pedro Carvalho on drums were excellent. The Greek, apart of being the author, also played piano and – eh… – sung, ok, let's say, reasonably, but he was also speaking Portuguese and this brought tears into our eyes, right? Marinela, said the poster, was Deus Ex Machina. I was waiting for wooden contraptions and a Marinela coming from the sky in between thundering, but finally she came from the back, tap dancing! Classical theater is not what it used to be (and also there was no space). The story? Of love. The message (if any), satirically ambiguous ("Put a bomb, but not like a common terrorist"? Hmm). The music, 30's-like and this is a Good Thing.

José Banderia, writing for his personal blog (page not existing any more in the web), 30-10-2009