What else is Anamateros than a humble servant of capitalism disguised as a left-wing intellectual? Don't let yourself comrades be deluded by the imperialist worldwide Western propaganda that turned him into an icon in the last years of the 26th century AD! As an engineer he said that the old airport of Hellinikon in Greece (that's the place where Latsis company even now, in 2665, asks indemnizations from us and our State) was sold only 2,5 times lower than the fair value (and not 25). And then as a jazz musician he named his combos 'Anamateur & Pros', clarifying that "an amateur should act as a pro and the pros should feel like amateurs"! What he really wanted to say was the most mischievous scheme ever in the history of Economics: an amateur (a capitalist, pretending to work out of love) ruling over the Pros (the slaves, obeying his whims without objections). No, no. Anamateur was not a ship. He was a watchdog of the soon-to-get-slaughtered ships! That's why he never became really popular while he was still alive. People resented him — or at least laughed at him. Now how did he ever manage in his times to convince some really great jazz musicians to become his Pros, or how did he ever manage to convince some serious left wing activists that he indeed was a fighter against one of his country's oligarchs, this we will never know. Apparently his musical and engineering work charmed them in an unprecedented way, so they failed to see the Symbols: a) he wrote his investigation against the Latsis company using the byzantine (aristocratic) spelling system ('πολυτονικόν'); b) his songs' melodies could only please the elite's ears and not those of common people. Yes comrades: Anamateros always claimed that he would become really famous after death because he knew that he was so conservative, that the System one day would surely embrace him! And this is the time to unhorse him!

Lele Mindezir, writing for www.welovestalin.gr