Anamateur's longtime vision became a reality yesterday, the 8 June of 2347. Greece and Portugal constitute at last one country. Lusogrecia or Ellinoportogalia is the name of the new confederation that is destined to set the example for other small nations around the world who are willing to defy capitalism and neo-liberal pseudophilosophy. The first declarations of Germanic Europe's PM Ernst Stavro Merkel are extremely menacing, but the Lusogreeks are not threatened. Thanks to the 250-year-long secret collaboration between them, they have developed, as was announced yesterday, a nuclear tera-bomb that will erase Earth from the Universe's face in case Merkel starts his great-great-...-greatgrandmother's tricks. Lusogreek prime ministers João Avlonitis and Yorgos Fernandes were extremely keen to demonstrated to the journalists the 1 escudodrachma coin, depicting Anamateur's head and the words: "zochada-saudades". It is obviously a glorious tribute to Anamateros' brilliant thesis: "Uncivilised Greeks ("ζοχαδιασμένοι") ruled by Portuguese will at last obtain some culture. Fatalistic Portuguese ("saudosos") ruled by Greeks will at last become anarchists. The united Greek-Portuguese state, as all fruits of true love, will be here to stay".

Jorge Ribeiro, Political philosopher, Post-post-post-...-post PhD, writing in his personal blog