This is the third part of the trilogy "Pirulita, Joanna A.P. or ...?" (after To Pirulita with love and Dedicated to Joanna A.P.).

The songs:

While teaching you some German (© 2018-2019)

Ἂν εἶναι νὰ εἶμαι ἡ μοῦσά σου (If I'm supposed to be your muse) (© 2019)

Voglio essere quel' altro (I want to be that somebody else) (© 2019)

Δὲν τὸ λαχταρᾶς νἆσαι τῶν τέκνων μου ὁ πατήρ (You don't yearn to be the father of my offsprings) (© 2019)

"Ἐκμεταλλεύτρια σὲ ποθῶ!" — φωνάζει ἕνα πέος ("Exploiter(-ess) I desire you"! — shouts a penis) (© 2019-2020)

That's Anamateur's aesthetics! (© 2020)

Ἔλα στὸ Δημαρχεῖο, καλὸ σκοπὸ ἅμα κυνηγᾶς (Come to the City Hall, if you're after a lovely cause) (© 2019)

We're not in the nineteen, but the twenty hundred 20's my friend! (© 2020)

Πάλι βλογᾶς τὰ γένια σου, φραγκόκοτα Γιωργάκη! (All you do is bragging about yourself, you chicken-hearted Giorgakis!) (© 2020)

Vous n'êtes pas un chanteur quelconque, mais un maître chanteur, Anamateur! (You're not only a singer, but a blackmailer too Anamateur!) (© 2020-2021*)

I don't get bribed, you weasel! (© 2020-2021)

Не входи в мое жизненное пространство (Do not enter my vital space!) (© 2020)

Mesmo se tu te tornasses mãe das minhas crianças (Even if you became the mother of my children) (© 2020-2021*)

Vous n'êtes qu'une exhibitionniste — et moi un voyeur (You're nothing but an exhibitionist — and I a peeping Tom!) (© 2019-2020)

Ἀφορμὴ ζητοῦσες νὰ μὴν εἶσ' ἐκεῖ (You just found a pretext in order not to be there) (© 2020)

Ἐσύ, ποὺ σοῦ ἀρέσω ἐγώ, δὲν εἶσαι ἐπιφανειακός; (Aren't you superficial too for liking someone like me?) (© 2020-2021)

Ἐδὼ τὰ εὐκολόπεπτα, διασκεδαστικὰ ἄσματα γιὰ γερόντους κρουαζιεροπλοίων (For sale: entertaining, easy-to-digest tunes for cruise ships' elderly passengers) (© 2020-2021*)

Ὅσο κι ἂν μὲ συνεπαίρνῃ ἡ συντροφιά σου, εἶμαι ζευγάρι μὲ ἄλλον (As much as I enjoy your company, I have a boyfriend) (© 2020-2021*)

Γιὰ ὅλα ὑπάρχει πάντα μιὰ πρώτη φορά, es gibt immer ein erstes Mal für alles (There's always a first time for everything) (© 2020-2021*)

* Music under preparation

Concept and songs by Georgios Anamateros (© 2018-2021)