Story (© 2022):

Georgios Anamateros is not only an unsuccessful jazz auteur & whistleblowing engineer, but also (fortunately for him) a civil engineer of the market. 'Penemeni Yfantra' (the Praised Weaver) is not only a successful fashion designer, but also an architect engineer without experience. They meet at a construction site. He thinks that she makes a pass at him in order to get more jobs from him and to be initiated in the secrets of the profession. She thinks he writes songs for her and the other muses in order to hide from himself and his audience that he is deeply a sexist. Inspite of its tensions, their semi-friendly semi-erotic friendship goes on for years and apparently she will never betray, for Anamateur's sake, her gut-aussehenden freunden.

The songs:

While teaching you some German (© 2018-2019, 2022)

Voglio essere quel' altro (I want to be that somebody else) (© 2019, 2022)

Δὲν τὸ λαχταρᾶς νἆσαι τῶν τέκνων μου ὁ πατήρ (You don't yearn to be the father of my offspring) (© 2019)

Ἂν εἶναι νὰ εἶμαι ἡ μοῦσά σου, θέλω ἀνταμοιβή! (If I'm supposed to be your muse, I want a reward!) (© 2019, 2022)

"Ἐκμεταλλεύτρια σὲ ποθῶ!" — φωνάζει ἕνα πέος ("Exploiter(-ess) I desire you"! — shouts a penis) (© 2019-2020)

That's Anamateur's aesthetics! (© 2020)

Ἔλα στὸ Δημαρχεῖο, καλὸ σκοπὸ ἅμα κυνηγᾶς (Come to the City Hall, if you're after a lovely cause) (© 2019)

We're not in the nineteen, but the twenty hundred 20's my friend! (© 2020, 2022)

Πάλι βλογᾶς τὰ γένια σου, φραγκόκοτα Γιωργάκη! (All you do is brag about yourself, you chicken-hearted Giorgakis!) (© 2020, 2022)

Vous n'êtes pas un chanteur quelconque, mais un maître chanteur, Anamateur! (You're not only a singer, but a blackmailer too Anamateur!) (© 2020-2022)

I don't get bribed, you weasel! (© 2020-2022)

Vous n'êtes qu'une exhibitionniste — et moi un voyeur (You're nothing but an exhibitionist — and I a peeping Tom!) (© 2019-2020, 2022)

Не входи в мое жизненное пространство (Do not enter my vital space!) (© 2020, 2022)

Mesmo se tu te tornasses mãe das minhas crianças (Even if you became the mother of my children) (© 2020-2022)

Ἐδῶ τὰ εὐκολόπεπτα ἄσματα τὰ διασκεδαστικά, γιὰ γερόντους κρουαζιεροπλοίων (For sale: entertaining, easy-to-digest tunes for cruise ships' elderly passengers) (© 2020-2021)

Ἐσύ, ποὺ σοῦ ἀρέσω ἐγώ, δὲν εἶσαι ἐπιφανειακός; (Aren't you superficial too for liking someone like me?) (© 2020-2021)

Ἀφορμὴ ζητοῦσες νὰ μὴν εἶσ' ἐκεῖ (You just found a pretext in order not to be there) (© 2020, 2022)

Ὅσο κι ἂν μὲ συνεπαίρν' ἡ συντροφιά σου, εἶμαι δύστυχε μὲ ἄλλονα ζευγάρι (You poor guy: as much as I enjoy your company, I am with someone else) (© 2020-2022)

Ὑπάρχει γιὰ τὰ πάντα ἡ πρώτη ἡ φορά — es gibt immer ein erstes Mal für alles (There's always a first time for everything) (© 2020-2022)

Concept and songs by Georgios Anamateros (© 2018-2022)

DISCLAIMER: This story is fictitious. Any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental.