Story (© 2009-2018):

"Peace" is a media icon living in Jazzopia, a small country suffering a big crisis. In her weekly satirical show she proposes various ways of torturing to death the elected statesmen of the country: Prime Minister D. Ceiver, President Andy Mocrat, Head of the Opposition B. Trayer etc. When Anamateur (the founder of a political party non inspiring much confidence, that of the "Enlightened Tyrant(-ess)"), invites her to take over the leadership of it, in order to triumph in the forthcoming elections and to indeed go on applying the tortures, he doesn't believe it very much, that he is the only politician to whom she might indeed say yes!

The songs:

A peça nova de uma rebelde jovem, espirituosa e bonita (The new theatrical play of a young, witty and beautiful rebel) (© 2013-2018)

Manifesto for the Enlightened Tyrant(-ess) (© 2011)

Complaint of the unconquered wild pussycat (© 2012-2014)

Conquer the one girl in mind (and then the whole world will be conquered too...) (© 2010-2014)

Dilemma of a media icon, suddenly invaded by Hope (© 2014)

Celebrations before the final victory (© 2014-2019)

When in life you just want something badly (life plays a bad trick on you...) (© 2015-2019)

The Enlightened Tyrant(-ess) Theme (© 2015)

Lament for a postponed Conquest (© 2015-2017)

The Messenger Tap Theme (© 2015)

One more victim off her list (or his?) (© 2017)

Script, music and lyrics by Georgios Anamateros (© 2009-2019).
(It's the 2nd part of the tetralogy "Anamateur conquering his most desired Peace", after "One doubt arose in the mind of a noble vigilante").

Corrections on Anamateur's English / Portuguese lyrics: Iris Plaitakis, Yiannis Sideris, Marta Hugon, Eduardo Lála