Today's standard formation, with Priamos Morakis (g) and Periklis Trivolis (cb), dates since 2012. The first formation dates back in 2006 and some equally distinguished artists of Athens' jazz scene (as the aforementioned ones) have been a part of it: Sera Bellos (dr), Dimitris Klonis (dr), Manos Loutas (cb), Yiannis Kassetas (tsax), Yorgos Kostopoulos (cb), Georgios Daphnos (g), Stamatis Stamatakis (cb) etc. The repertoire has always included both jazz standards (by Fats Waller, Porter, Berlin, Jobim, Ellington and sometimes Thelonious Monk) and Anamateur's originals, meaning a compilation of Anamateur's various projects. In the most memorable gigs' list are included the ones in "Parafono" (2008, 2010), "Alavastron" (2008-2011), "Beton7" (2013, 2016), "Jazz Point" (2013-2018), "Café of the Numismatic Museum" (2014 onwards), "Chez Michel" (2014 onwards), "Afrikana Jazz Bar" (2014, 2015), TAF (2015) and "Athenaeum Kelari" (2017, 2018). Since 2017 young and talented Monique Kabasele is a frequent guest.