Anamateur's third jazz play had its première in "Booze Cooperativa" (Athens, 2019), featuring Aggeliki Toubanaki, Terry Vakirtzoglou, Kostas Konstantinou and Thanos Daskalopoulos; the artistic direction was undertaken by Yorgis Noukakis, Theis Sorotou and Elina Tseliagkou. In 2021 Anamateros recorded in Athens its audio version, featuring Marta Hugon and Eduardo Lála, coming back from "One doubt arose in the mind of a noble vigilante" , as well as Priamos Morakis, Sera Bellos, Manos Loutas and Thanos Daskalopoulos. Première took place on Christmas of 2021 in "Beton7 Art Radio" and on the 2022 UNESCO World Radio day the play was broadcasted by RadioX of Frankfurt. The album is under launching.