1st edition: 190394747336 — Produced and published by Georgios Anamateros (© 2016)
Corrected 1st edition: 195999819617 — Produced and published by Georgios Anamateros (© 2021)

With: Georgios Anamateros (piano, vocals, melodica / Noble Vigilante), Marta Hugon (vocals / "Peace" the Painter), Mário Franco (double bass, vocals / Vigilante accomplice), Bruno Pedroso (drums, vocals / Vigilante accomplice), Anthony John Wheeldon (guitar, vocals / Vigilante accomplice), Eduardo Lála (trombone, vocals / Professor Nontalent), Marinela Mangueira (tap dancing / newspaper girl).

Recorded at "Timbuktu Estúdios", Lisbon, by André Fernandes and Nuno Costa (January and June 2010, January 2015).
Additional recordings and mixing at "Athensmusic Studioworks", Athens, by Vassilis Avrantinis.
Mastered at "Exceptional Mastering", Athens, by Antonis Tzortzis.
Artwork based on the original Angela Cardoso poster.
Concept, script and songs by Georgios Anamateros (© 2009-2016)