During post-memorandum SYRIZA's governing, Anamateur found for the first time in his life a muse who was also a lover: Joanna A.P., not to be confused with Joana A.D., alias "Pirulita". Joanna was not a (so-called) radical left wing celebrity in Portugal, like Joana, but just one of the Greece-based moderate voters of Hillary Clinton (who hated equally Trump and Varoufakis). Joanna's dad was not a famous psychiatrist, like Joana's, but a subversive painter. Thanks to Joanna, Anamateur was taught something that Joana could never teach him: how to fulfill his fantasy and become (at least for a four-years period...) the rival of a billionaire.

After the "Jazzet" and "Booze" avant-première and première respectively back in 2019-2020 season, a new performance is finally envisaged for Anamateur's 4th jazz play — this time an internet radio one hosted by "Beton7 Art Radio". Anamateur's accomplices will be once more Monique Kabasele (voc), Priamos Morakis (g), Dimitris Moudopoulos (tp), Periklis Trivolis (cb) and Vassilis Panagiotopoulos (dr). Yiotis Paraskevaidis and Christos Brito will undertake the sound engineering. Acknowledgements: Lucas Dimitrellos, Beton7 Art Radio, Panos Tsigkos.

Internet address: https://www.beton7artradio.gr/popup/!