The man who, with his imagination, brio, expressions and diversity of his creative course in the scene of jazz, has accomplished to form his own devoted audience, stroke again yesterday and before yesterday with his 3rd jazz musical in the small theater stage of "Booze Cooperative" (he had two sold-outs)! The talk is about our beloved Anamateur, alias Georgios Anamateros, who presented his new jazz drama "A certainty blossomed in the heart of the enlightened tyrant(-ess)". The story goes like that: TV star "Peace" is invited by Anamateur to undertake the leadership of the "Enlightened Tyrant(-ess)" party, whose goal is to torture the rulers of the place named "Jazzopia". Of course behind all this is hidden, as in all of Anamateur's oeuvres, love and its games. Aggeliki Toubanaki and Terry Vakirtzoglou are magnificent in the role of the Enlightened Tyrant(-ess) (the good and bad side of her), as well as Kostas Konstantinou (double bass) as the Chorus and Thanos Daskalopoulos (tap dancing) as the blind spy of Anamateur. It's an hour-long jazz performance, where through Anamateur the two vocalists were also tested as actresses, in a work done with love and passion, that was warmly embraced by the audience. This is very hopeful and promising.

Manthos Giourtzoglou, writing for Jazz Live Events in Athens and Greece, January 2019