A radical left wing activist who dominates her potential lover in every possible way. A vain love of a man who sufferes anything in order to conquer his Mistress and finally sees her pregnant with somebody else's child in the cover of a magazine. All this was jazz and prose. With the ingenuity, the 'craziness' and the energy of one of the most distinct creators of the Greek jazz scene! Georgios Anamateros, this so special personna, completed yesterday at the crowded of spectators floor of Booze Cooperativa the 2-day presentation of his new work entitled "To Pirulita with love" and spread, together with his fellow musicians, a positive aura, lots of smiles and the sense of a creative craziness that comes from the heart! Together with him Priamos Morakis (guitar), Periklis Trivolis (double bass), George Thomopoulos (trumpet), Vasilis Panagiotopoulos (drums) and Monique Kabasele (vocals), all of them smiling and fully immerged in the spirit and aesthetics of beloved Anamateur.

Manthos Giourtzoglou, writing for Jazz Live Events in Athens and Greece, January 2018