The title alone is sufficient for someone to realize that it's the most 'cult' spectacle presented in Athens right now: "One doubt arose in the mind of a noble vigilante". [...] This 'pocket' musical of great intentions is written, directed and performed by Georgios Anamateros, a vivacious jazz entertainer.
The story takes place in a crisis-stricken society (hint, hint), in which a 'Noble Vigilante' appears, 'gently' exterminating corrupted deputies and journalists, to the greatest satisfaction of his fellow citizens. All this, up to the day that the hero encounters love, in the face of a beautiful painter, who turns the Vigilante's life upside down. And how does it all fit into the tiny place of "Booze Cooperativa"? It is simple, there are more things implied than explicitly shown on stage, in a play regarded more as a 'draft' for a musical than as a complete spectacle. [...]
Of course there are the Anamateros' songs: regular jazz songs with titles such as "Lessons For Aspiring Nobili Vigilanti" or "Breakthrough of A Bourgeoise Girl", songs that feel instantly familiar and stick to your mind, as is the case with all good musical songs.

Nikos Fotakis, writing for (not existing anymore), February 2012