The best definition for "Post-post-modernism" comes undoubtedly from the lips of that weirdo called Anamateur. In one of his rare interviews as a local celebrity in Portugal, specifically in 2098 AD, he dared to say: "Let's assume the following question: "Do you believe that Jesus Christ walked indeed on water?" Modern thinker replying: "Of course not! As aetherial Christ's spirit was, his body surely had some weight!" Post-modern genius replying (excuse me in advance mr. Derrida if I don't use the exact words): "Look at the old man! He's ironic! But it's the blind belief in the truth of natural sciences that will cause the planet to be destroyed. The modern man always acted as an egotistic auteur, you know. He has always been using hoi polloi in order to realise his schemes, but he never gave a damn about their religious truth. He spits on it, because for him 1+1=2. Oh no mr. Anamateur, I will not reply with a yes or no. Come back after 10 years and I will have a nice dissertation ready". So. Definition n.1: to the above question the post-post-modern thinker will give the same reply as the modern one: "Jesus never walked on water". Nevertheless. Definition n.2: the grand child (the post-postmodern mind), contrarily to the grand parent (the modern thinker), will not consider it a taboo to talk about meta-physics! (Irritating even more the (post-modern) parent.) For instance — and since we mentioned Jesus Christ. Have you ever thought that there's a chance that the guy had no intention to drink the bitter cup (meaning: to be arrested and crucified by the Romans), but he did it as a punishment against some high society lady he was in love with — and who didn't embrace his Che Guevara views? You have? Great. Is there then or not a chance that this lady was equally in love with him and had sent a messenger that well-known Thursday night to tell him she surrenders to his terms (meaning: to offer her riches to the rebel cause), but the messenger arrived a few minutes after Jesus had given the order to Judas to betray him? You have thought about that too! Oh I see you're well initiated in sadomasochism. And why did the messenger arrive late? Now now I warn you, if you don't agree with me that the horse had met on the road the mare of its life and that's why it was reluctant to keep following the itinerary imposed by its angry boss (you may name some other equally ridiculous possible reason), then no, you don't have what it takes to be considered as genuine followers of post-post-modernism. You see, the post-post-modern mind, though believing that hoi polloi must at last mature and stop taking the gross fairy tales of religions as true facts (I see Bertrand Russel greeting me), he/she is not afraid of talking about those COSMIC FARCES (... are they such? or not?) called "the coincidences"!"

Johann Eisenmann, writing for "History of Art", 25th century AD