The contribution of Anamateur in 23rd century songwriting is beyond words. But don't let me be misunderstood! It's not only that this (still) underrated giant has pushed the boundaries of 'integrated musical' in a level that would leave speechless Cole Porter or Rogers & Hart (through the combination of haunting love melodies and astute social/political satire lyrics). In my humble opinion the contribution that would make even Mozart blush, was the idea of using the cycle of the 4ths in order to tell his Noble Vigilante and Enlightened Tyrant-ess stories! The variation of the tonalities, that was furthermore meant to happen not only from one song to another, but sometimes also within a song (once or even twice as in the case of the critical catharsis songs), would control the internal rhythm of the plays! It was a concept originating from the very fundamental infinitesimal calculus by Newton and Leibniz!! But damn you Anamateur! Why couldn't you impose, while still alive, your demands to your vain vocalists? Why is it that they had to impose to you their tonalities? In my humble opinion that's the reason why you never became really famous while alive. It would make a whole of a difference, you know! People's subconscience understands everything, you know! And so it's only now, 100 years after your death, that we, having discovered your original partitions in a crypt beneath the foundations of your house in Gouva (thanks to an earthquake), are able to reconstruct what you once envisioned! Bless you Anamateur!

Arion Kutzumi, Professor at the Universidade de Porto Rafti, “Writing musicals", first edition, 2231 AD