"Anamateur unedited love oddities"

Existing songs:

- Esperanza (© 2014)

- Should I fertilize the ovum of a dearest friend? (© 2013)

- Σὲ ξέρω, σὲ ξέρω - κι αὐτὴν τὴν φορὰ νὰ μοῦ ξεφύγῃς ἄλλο δὲν θὰ σ' ἀφήσω πιά (I know you, I know you - and this time I won't let you to escape me!) (© 2016)

- Τὸ τανγκὸ τοῦ χαμένου δαχτυλιδιοῦ (Tango about a lost diamond ring) (© 2016)

- While teaching you some German (© 2018)

- Лика Лика идёт в монастырь (из-за меня?) (Lika Lika going to the monastery (because of me?)) (© 2012)

Songs that will be included in this album once they are completed:

- Vuoi essere la mia compagna di bridge? (ma non di bridge duplicato!) (Do you want to be my bridge partner?) (but not my duplicate bridge partner!)

- Wir wollen nichts plazieren den Infintiv am das Ende des Hauptsätzes, Herr Schäuble (We don't want to put the infinitive at the end of the main clause, Herr Schäuble)

- Will I be the Emperor Julian of Jazz?

- I always liked James Bond, but then I became a James Bond villain!

Songs by Georgios Anamateros (© 2002-2016)