"Dedicated to Joanna A.P."

This is the, sort of, sequel of the Pirulita play... The songs and script are ready and the poster is under preparation. It will be presented in Athens in the autumn of 2019.

Story (© 2017, 2018):

Joanna A.P. was the only girl in Anamateur's life who was both his lover and his muse (furthermore in that chronological order). She's not to be confused with Joana A.D., for whom Anamateur wrote "To Pirulita with love". Joanna was not a (so-called) radical left wing celebrity of a small country, like Joana, but just one of the countless moderate voters of Hillary Clinton (who hated equally Trump and Varoufakis). Joanna's dad was not a famous psychiatrist, like Joana's, but a famous painter. Thanks to Joanna, Anamateur was taught something that Joana could never teach him: how to be the successful rival (at least for a while) of a millionaire.

The songs:

- Let me introduce us to the Universe (© 2016)

- It is infatuation (but it will last for a long, long time) (© 2016, 2017)
- (That's what I call:) the sweet surprises of life (© 2016, 2017)
- Be my Alma Reville (and I will be your Alfred Hitchcock) (© 2017)
- Don't throw away my toothbrush! (© 2017)
- Chaque fois que je suis en train de vous détester, ma belle, je lis un peu de Stendhal (Everytime I catch myself hating you, love, I read a little bit of Stendhal) (© 2017)

- They've trained me for someone like you (© 2017)

- The bitter surprises of life (come after a girl has at last responded to your love...) (© 2017)
- To botox or not to botox? (© 2017)
- "Damn you boy! Why can't you cheat on her?" (© 2017)

- "Let them wonder! But we know..." (You once told me) (© 2018)

- "The more I tell you about her, the more I'm fallin' for you" (a Fats Waller song that...) (© 2018)

- Perché, Signora Contessa, non ci liberiamo di questo latex? (Why, dear Countess, don't we get rid of this latex?) (© 2018)

- Joanna A.P. is the girl you wanna be with, 'cause... (© 2018)


- "Τὶ νοσηρόν"... ("How sick"...) (© 2018)

Script, music and lyrics by Georgios Anamateros (© 2016-2018)

DISCLAIMER: Any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental.