Story (© 2017, 2018):

During post-memorandum SYRIZA's governing, Anamateur found for the first time in his life a muse who was also a lover: Joanna A.P., not to be confused with Joana A.D., alias "Pirulita". Joanna was not a (so-called) radical left wing celebrity of a small country, like Joana, but just one of the countless moderate voters of Hillary Clinton (who hated equally Trump and Varoufakis). Joanna's dad was not a famous psychiatrist, like Joana's, but a famous painter. Thanks to Joanna, Anamateur was taught something that Joana could never teach him: how to be the successful rival (at least for a while) of a millionaire.

The songs:

- Let me introduce us to the Universe (© 2016)

- It is infatuation (but it will last for a long, long time) (© 2016, 2017)
- (That's what I call:) the sweet surprises of life (© 2016, 2017)
- Be my Alma Reville (and I will be your Alfred Hitchcock) (© 2017)
- Don't throw away my toothbrush! (© 2017)
- Chaque fois que je suis en train de vous détester, ma belle, je lis un peu de Stendhal (Everytime I catch myself hating you, love, I read a little bit of Stendhal) (© 2017)

- They've trained me for someone like you (© 2017)

- The bitter surprises of life (come after a girl has at last responded to your love...) (© 2017)
- To botox or not to botox? (© 2017)
- "Damn you boy! Why can't you cheat on her?" (© 2017)

- "Let them wonder! But we know..." (You once told me) (© 2018)

- "The more I tell you about her, the more I'm fallin' for you" (a Fats Waller song that...) (© 2018)

- Perché, Signora Contessa, non ci liberiamo di questo latex? (Why, dear Countess, don't we get rid of this latex?) (© 2018)

- Joanna A.P. is the girl you wanna be with, 'cause... (© 2018)


- "Τὶ νοσηρόν"... ("How sick"...) (© 2018)

Script, music and lyrics by Georgios Anamateros (© 2016-2018)

DISCLAIMER: Any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental.

Corrections on Anamateur's English / Italian / French lyrics: Iris Plaitakis, Polly Rossdale, Cecilia Rubino, Yiannis Sideris.