"To Pirulita with love"

Anamateur's second oeuvre, after the presentations in "Booze Cooperativa" (Athens, January ( 2 shows) and April ( 1 extra show) 2018), "Fabrica Braço de Prata" (Lisbon, February 2018 (1 show)), "Duende Jazz Bar" (Thessaloniki, April 2018 (2 shows)) and the cancelled one in "Ionikes Giortes Festival" (Athens, September 2018 (due to bad weather)), will have a new series of presentations in Athens in 2019 ("Jazzet" (1 show), "The Zoo", "Athenaeum Kellari").

Story (© 2017):

Between January and September of 2015 Anamateur, being enthusiastically Greek, wrote 12 love songs to "Pirulita", a (so-called) radical left wing politician. Pirulita was also a university professor in psychology, a kickboxer and a sexy tv celebrity. Anamateur considered her the only one who could save his soul. The love affair ended in September of 2015, when she posed stark naked and pregnant (but not with Anamateur's child), for a lifestyle magazine. Anamateur, betrayed, now finds consolation perfoming these same 12 songs alone or with the Pros.

The songs:

- There's no chagrin d' amour that can't be easily cured (just write one more tune) (© 2015, 2016)

- I'll remain a kissless virgin named Zorba (© 2015, 2016)
- Never trust a female politician (when it comes to promises of love) (© 2015, 2016)
- It will be great (though we'll be sixty years late) (© 2015)
- Ne me dis pas que tu m' aimes (it's Paris that charmed you, that's all!) (© 2015, 2016)

- On friendly terms (let me give you that kiss) (© 2015, 2016)
- "F...ing around (and not with you)" (© 2015, 2016)

- I will always be your new toy (at least I will try) (© 2015, 2017)
- Relieve this Sisyphus of his torment (© 2015, 2017)

- O pinheiro torto que bloqueava a entrada na praia (The crooked pine tree that blocked the entrance to the beach) (© 2017)

- "I'm in love with your dad!" (© 2015, 2017)
- For you and your baby (© 2015)


- I love my Pirulita (but she doesn't love me!) (© 2002)

Script, music and lyrics by Georgios Anamateros (© 2002, 2015-2017)

DISCLAIMER: Any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental.

Poster by João Pombeiro.
Corrections on Anamateur's English / Portuguese lyrics: Iris Plaitakis, Polly Rossdale, Yiannis Sideris / Marta Hugon, Eduardo Lála.

The recordings of the live shows in "Booze Cooperativa" (January / April of 2018) were broadcasted by Manthos Giourtzoglou in his weekly jazz show "Keep jazzin'", the #67 issue, where Anamateur was interviewed.
With: Georgios Anamateros (p, voc), Priamos Morakis (g), Georgios Thomopoulos (tp), Periklis Trivolis (cb) and Vassilis Panagiotopoulos (dr). Presenting: Monique Kabaselé (voc).
Recordings by Yiotis Paraskevaides and Christos Brito.